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October 9, 2015

Huangluo Yao – Long Hair Village


Huangluo Yao - Long Hair VillageHuangluo Yao Village is located on the Longji Scenic Area. It is one of the thirteen Yao ethnic villages in Longji. The ethnic group that living here are all the red Yao ethnic people. A custom of red Yao ethnic is that all females should keep a long hair. Among the 60 families, the longest hair can reach to 1.9 meters, while others also have more than 1-meter-long hair. So Huangluo Yao Village is reputed as the first long hair village in the world.

Single girls’ hair can not be seen by others. They usually cover a blue scarf on the head so that people could not see it. The man who is the first one to see her hair will be his husband. And he only can see her beautiful hair on the wedding day. If you see the girl’s hair carelessly, you have to stay there for 3 years as a son-in-law of the girl’s family.

Yao ethnic people show their hospitality in a special way. When they need to shoe their like to you, they may pinch your hip. They will also use their hips to crash you when in the dancing situation. This also shows their friendly emotion to you.

It is said that each Yao Woman has three bunches of hairs on head all her life. It means that two bunches of hairs are tied up with the growing hairs on her head. One bunch is dropped hairs which are collected from every day. Another is the hair cut at her age of 18. From the fact, you can see that the Yao females look hairs as important as their life. When the long hairs are waving and flying with Yao dancing, that is such a kind of charming beauty!

Huangluo Yao - Long Hair Village (1)

Huangluo Yao - Long Hair Village (2)

Huangluo Yao - Long Hair Village (3)

Huangluo Yao - Long Hair Village (4)

Huangluo Yao - Long Hair Village (5)

Sources: China Daily, China Fact Tours, Yangshuo Holiday

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